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Doctor Thesis is here to help and give dissertation support and thesis support online. Julian AKA Doctor Thesis has wide experience in the following topics: Government and Politics, Religion, Public Administration, Social Policy, Sociology, Education, Cultural Studies, International Relations and Political Theory.

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Many clients, especially those are more confident about their subject or writing often benefit from an evaluative critique. This is something which involves a process of analysis where improvement opportunities can be identified. This might be something related to the academic content, referring to a piece of secondary literature or sentence construction. It might relate to the internal consistency of the argument, the logical order of the sentences in a paragraph or the register used.

This feedback is then inserted down the right hand side of your paper using Word Comment. Then, as the writer or student being assessed it then becomes your decision whether to take the advice offered and make the necessary changes. This service can be time consuming because it is done professionally and the level of detail provided is second to none.

Proof reading is an important part of the writing process and can really make a significant difference to your summative grades. As the term proof reading suggests, this is the time where errata is identified and corrected. When done well it improves the substantive quality of the written work and makes is much more readable. A piece of writing that has been ‘proofed’ really well will also come across as far more professional than one that has not and this is turn will foster a better impression with your examiners or assessors.

Proof reading is best carried out by someone who is highly qualified in the academic area and who understands the broad issues under discussion. The reason here is that those who offer more generic ‘proofing’ can change the meaning of a sentence in a way that the author did not intent and which is actually wrong. This is why the services offered here are limited to the humanities, social and political sciences. Finally, if there is any doubt about errata or corrections needed I will always contact the client for clarification.

The process of rewriting might be motivated by a desire for greater clarity, to improve the flow or because the discourse is weak. Clients may indicate which areas need rewriting and or the document might benefit from a review which would identify where a rewrite might improve the argument.

Where a rewrite has been completed it is really important that the student or client understands what’s been written and why. As such, may students benefit from Skype tutorials where complex issues can be explained and justified so they become second nature and truly become part of your academic understanding and not just mine. This ensures that the student is confident with the content of their thesis or dissertation and would be able to defend the work as and when necessary.

The quality of service here is far higher than the competition because I am a published author who writes for Nelson Thornes and Philip Alan Updates and this provides the sort of competency or gravitas clients should look for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If our online tuition service is chosen, initially we ask that it is booked at least three days in advance so we can do the necessary preparation. This ensures that we are giving value for money and offering the standard of service you deserve.

For online tutorials, this is done through instant messaging via a Skype account. Skype also allows you to communicate with your subject specialist verbally in much the same way as you would if your tutor was in the room. This technology is easy to use and is free of charge. Our Skype contact name is marburyeducation. A date and time is arranged for the tutorial to take place and we keep a record of the time spent online because most students take advantage of the discounts available for block booking sessions.

In order to benefit from detailed suggestions on how to improve your written work, simply send the document to us as an e-mail attachment, making it clear who it is from. We will then add specific comments on how you can improve the content.

What technology do I need?

You simply need a computer with internet access, e-mail, a Skype account, headphones and microphone. If you would like to use the ‘video call’ facility, you just need a Webcam and this usually incorporates a built in microphone too.

What are the costs involved?

1 hour = £50
5 hours = £250
10 hours  = £305

When are the online tutorials available?

These usually take place in the evening and at weekends and I usually find this convenient for you and me.

Julian has a wealth of experience in the field of education and offered me a fresh, exciting and first hand perspective on developing my PhD thesis. His work was exemplary and was always on time with specific and at times very challenging tasks. He also acted as a mentor, allowing me the opportunity to explore and discover solutions in a very supportive environment. I would sum Julian up as an outstanding writer with a great insight into many aspects of social and political theory. I would strongly recommend Julian to any student requiring theoretical and practical support in the field of post graduate education; more specifically with higher award degrees.

(John, Midlands, Doctoral Student in Education) 2016

Julian is a great tutor he is really helpful with all aspects of my sociology modules. He is really quick and efficient in replying to any questions, queries and readings which I would like him to do. Overall Julian is a great help in allowing me to comprehend with the study materials and provides relevant examples which enhance understanding. Julian always offers great advice and further reading books and websites which broaden my study experience. Thanks Julian you’re star !! 🙂

Nazish (HE Sociology student) 2016

I am in my third year of University reading Sociology and needed help with an essay that I was struggling with. I had never used a tutor before and was very apprehensive of how reliable and helpful they would be. Julian was fantastic and not only helped me shape and structure my essay but provided great aid in the analysis and thought of the question. Julian was very responsive through email and replied quickly. I will be sure to use him in the future! Thank you!


Alice (HE Sociology student) 2016

Dr Julian has been a brilliant tutor so far, he has not only helped me to understand the core information for my modules but he’s been excellent at giving me assessment guidance as well. I would recommend him as tutor to anyone who is looking for someone understanding and patient; whilst having a teaching style that really helps you to develop academically.



Fern (HE Social Science student) 2016

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