Julian Salisbury

AKA Doctor Thesis

We don’t seek to be ‘all things to all men.’ We only seek to offer services where we have demonstrable expertise and we provide our support to you directly, not on an agency basis. This means that we view ourselves as stakeholders in your success. You’ll find us friendly, reliable and always willing to help in any way we can.

After filling in an enquiry form, we’ll confirm we received your message. Once we know which of our services you are interested in and we have discussed your needs, we can arrange to get started. The PayPal system on our website is easy to use and universally recognised as secure.

If our online tuition service is chosen, initially we ask that it is booked at least three days in advance so we can do the necessary preparation. This ensures that we are giving value for money and offering the standard of service you deserve.

For online tutorials, this is done through instant messaging via a Skype account. Skype also allows you to communicate with your subject specialist verbally in much the same way as you would if your tutor was in the room. This technology is easy to use and is free of charge. Our Skype contact name is marburyeducation. A date and time is arranged for the tutorial to take place and we keep a record of the time spent online because most students take advantage of the discounts available for block booking sessions.

In order to benefit from detailed suggestions on how to improve your written work, simply send the document to us as an e-mail attachment, making it clear who it is from. We will then add specific comments on how you can improve the content. This might involve making suggestions about useful concepts, studies, planning and logical order, or it may simply be about how to make the English flow better. We then send it back to your e-mail address. Our aim to get this back to you at the earliest opportunity but this kind of work, if done properly and with care, takes time.
Finally, if our learning resources are required, we simply place them in a zipped folder and send them via e-mail.

My Qualifications